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15557 W Roosevelt St #104A
Goodyear, AZ 85338

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We are able to service the entire city of Goodyear AZ and the zip codes listed here:

  • 85338


  • 85395

When you're running a business you're very busy. The last thing you want to do is have to worry about dealing with locksmith services problems. What company has the best locksmiths. Are they open 24 hours. Who is an establishes local locksmith shop. And can even handle repairing, upgrading or installing fingerprint lock. That describes us Locksmiths Goodyear AZ more than accurately.

We fit all of those qualities and you can add trustable, on time, efficient while being fast while providing the locksmith services. And our local locksmith shop is located at 15557 W Roosevelt St #104A, Goodyear AZ 85338 and you're welcome to stop by anytime. It's the easiest way to have copy keys made by our locksmiths for you.

Our locksmiths can help you with business lockout (office or company cars), fix or replace broken door locks, make copy keys, make replacement keys for door lock or company car keys when they're lost, and so much more.

When you want copy keys for your business, just give us a call or stop by our local locksmith shop. As it doesn't matter how many keys you want copy keys made for. Nor does it matter how many copies you want to make copy keys of each key. So we are the right choice for you when you need or want copy keys made.

And we offer several options of fingerprint locks, and can order any other ones we don't carry in stock. As at Locksmiths Goodyear AZ our main goal is for you and your business to get the locksmith services you need and want. 

The fingerprint lock options available nowadays are so secure that if it wasn't for so many frivolous lawsuits all of the fingerprint locks makers would have "100% secure" in their boxes. As the biometrics science and technology available today is so accurate a fingerprint lock can tell 2 twins' index fingers apart from each other.

All businesses have normal door locks too. When a door lock brakes, in an important part of your business it can definitely stop your business operations in no time. Whenever that happens you just give us a call here and we can have one of our local locksmiths go to your business and get that door lock fixed and get your business operations back moving.

When you have Locksmiths Goodyear AZ in your corner, the locksmith service problems that come your way are as good as fixed right after you call us. Our number is 520-329-5365, either call us if you need locksmith services right now or save the number to your contacts for when you need emergency locksmith services later.